The German interior minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, has said that Germany is actually prepared to come to the aid of Greece but only if they agreed to help themselves by honouring the agreements set forth in bailouts.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as this is going to happen at any time in the near future and pressure is mounting from the international community for Greece to reach some sort of decision and stop their stalling tactics.

On the very same day that Friedrich released his statement, Christine Lagarde said that it is time for Greeks to face paybacks. Ms Lagarde, IMF chief, says that Greeks have been dodging taxes and having a grand time at the expense of international bailout money.

She feels that children in Africa who are keen on getting an education yet sit three to a chair are far more deserving of international funds and would appreciate it so much more. Not only does Ms. Lagarde cite the Greek government for being too lax on collecting taxes but she blames Greek citizens for tax avoidance.

Parents in Africa would be thrilled for the opportunity to educate their children whilst parents in Athens do everything in their power to avoid paying their fair share of taxes – one of the main reasons why the Greek government is in such dire straits.

Not only is Germany refusing further aid as the largest economy in the eurozone, but other members of the international community would like to see Greece make some effort at the sae austerity measures which they are asking of their own countries.

In the final analysis, no one wants to sacrifice, but EU governments cannot ask their own people to sacrifice whilst the Greeks live it up on those sacrifices without doing their own part to resolve the deepening debt crisis in their country.

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