As if consumers were not faced with enough difficulties trying to make it through these hard economic times, now the Energy Secretary has the audacity to say that we are paying too much for energy because we are too lazy to switch suppliers?

Has anyone informed Mr. Huhne how confusing those prices are and what it is like trying to switch suppliers when we are being penalised for doing so, even when those suppliers have broken the disclosure laws? Public outrage is growing and it is comments like that from our politicians which are fuelling the fire. The fact is that at least six in ten consumers are paying too much for energy but those same consumers are also not being notified when prices are about to change as they are entitled to be notified according to UK law.

Recent findings show that suppliers are not following government mandates in notifying their customers when there is about to be a rate change. The law states that consumers have the right to switch companies if rates are changed and if they follow guidelines and time constraints the energy suppliers are not supposed to tack on a penalty to the final bill.

Unfortunately, Mr. Huhne, those suppliers are not notifying their customers timely. This in turn does not allow them to switch to a competitor offering lower prices. One would now have cause to wonder who is being lazy. Mr. Huhne, perhaps you and your staff should expend a little energy of your own to see who is actually falling down on the job. Pity you need to blame your constituents of being lazy when you, yourself, have not taken the time or effort to get the facts straight.

Gratitude and credit are being offered to the journalist who took the time and effort to make these findings public. Emma Simon of the Telegraph gets the credit for calling the unkind remarks of a trusted public official and Energy Secretary to our attention.

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